Through Coaching and Mentoring; access to resources and networks I support women leaders to reach their highest level of success by building competence, growing confidence, embracing boundaries and implementing self-care practices that allow them to be courageous, decisive, successful, and effective.

My Approach


My coaching approach recognises that understanding your self, and addressing behaviours and habits that keep you stuck are essential for your external success.

I work with Women Leaders who...

I work with organisations who...

- want to make a difference in the world

- are passionate about what they do

- are ready to do the work to achieve success

- believe women have the right to lead anywhere and everywhere

- want to make a positive contribution in the world

- who have a commitment to deep change

- are willing to take a long term view to achieve the change required

- are focused on building capabilities that sustain long term positive impact

What you achieve when you work with me...

Accepting who you are, and using awareness of yourself to sustain your personal growth path

Be confident in your abilities and take action to move forward

Building the competencies required to move to the next level

Building the technical and behavioural competencies required to move to the next level

Lead with confidence and courage

Prioritise boundaries and self-care as the foundation that feeds your better self

Client Feedback

As an innovative coach, Shireen has changed my understanding and knowledge of social entrepreneurship. She is committed to connecting women entrepreneurs through her extensive networks. She continues to inspire and has armed me with practical tools to build my business.

Michelle Festus - Tai Chi Teacher & Feminist Ethics of Care Practitioner


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