Are you tired, have no energy and moving through the paces of everyday life with only brief sparks of enjoyment?

It doesn't have to be this way!
Imagine escaping the mundane schedule and responsibilities of everyday life and travel to heaven on earth amongst the northern slopes of the Magaliesberg mountains? And you do not have to plan or organise a thing. The Happy Me Retreat provides a sanctuary of real peace where you can experience deep relaxation, healthy food, fresh air, conscious exercise and mindfulness practice all to help your body and mind recharge and re-engage for 2019 and beyond.

Return home feeling strong, healthy and energised, and ready to start living better

Vision | Plan | Connect | Reflect | Play

Our schedule for the 2.5 days will encourage the beginning of a self-care practice that includes eating well, living mindfully and identifying the right physical movement for you.
Meditation icon | Shireen Motara | Mentor | Coach
Meditation is an approach to training the mind, similar to the way that fitness is an approach to training the body. Through mindfulness meditation, you can see how your thoughts and feelings tend to move in particular patterns. Over time, you can become more aware of the human tendency to quickly judge an experience as good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. With practice, an inner balance develops.
Vision icon | Shireen Motara | Mentor | Coach
Visualisation is nearly as powerful as performing the action. When you visualise yourself living in your dream home, your brain trains your body for that reality. It’s a natural process of using thought power to imprint a desire and a command into the mind, and also project the right kind of energetic vibration that will attract what you desire. We will use visioning and creativity to help you frame your best future, and use creative techniques to create your vision board.
Reflection icon | Shireen Motara | Mentor | Coach
Reflection is a process of self-discovery, pattern finding, and analysis. It is a form of thinking; it selects ideas gleaned from working memory, forming and reforming long-term memory and intelligence to help us learn from the past.
Silence icon | Shireen Motara | Mentor | Coach
Silence is more than not speaking, it is a way to renew ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. Even just a few minutes of true silence gives a rest far deeper than sleep, and possibly anything else you’ve experienced in life.
Tai Chi icon | Shireen Motara | Mentor | Coach
Tai Chi Holistic Practice
Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art, which is increasingly used to improve health and wellbeing. It consists of slow flowing movements combined with deep abdominal breathing and is also known as “meditation in movement”. This holistic practice connects body, mind and spirit and takes us back to our original nature of functioning as whole beings. To the mind it brings calmness; to the body it brings relaxation and to the spirit it’s uplifting.
Wholesome Eating icon | Shireen Motara | Mentor | Coach
Wholesome Eating
There’s nothing like eating well to soothe your spirit. Relish three delicious vegetarian meals a day. You will feel close to nature, get a chance to enjoy all the delicious food mother earth is providing us and it is a great way to balance your body. Diet plays an important role in making one healthy and unhealthy. Healthy food is better than medicine in healing our ill bodies and minds. During the retreat, you can treat yourself to a variety of whole and nourishing vegetarian food.
Play icon | Shireen Motara | Mentor | Coach
Play is not just essential for kids; it can be an important source of relaxation and stimulation for adults as well. It is a way to fuel your imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and emotional well-being.
Vision board icon | Shireen Motara | Mentor | Coach
Vision Board
Our attitudes and beliefs create a magnet to attract events, circumstances and opportunities to live out those attitudes and beliefs. Vision Boards are a powerful way to help you narrow down your desires through the power of choice. The tool helps you invest the time and energy to visualise your future and consistently reminds you of your life goals.

What's Included in your Retreat Package?

  • 2 days / 2 nights of relaxation and reconnecting with yourself
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Be fully immersed in nature
  • Time to reflect
  • Time to relax
  • Wholesome food that feeds your body and soul
  • Intro to Tai Chi practice for health and wellness
  • Facilitated practice and learning
  • Coaching and guidance during the retreat
  • Using play to create a Vision board for your 2019 goals
  • A gift bag with goodies just for you

  • How to Build a Winning LinkedIn profile - Shireen Motara’s eBook
  • 15% discount for our next event / coaching
  • Join our supportive online community
  • A planning toolkit to help you stay focused on you goals

  • What's not Included

  • Transport
  • Own snacks
  • Drinks
  • Details

    • Date: 7-9 December 2018
    • Venue: Emoyeni Retreat Centre, Magaliesberg
    • Cost: R 2,800

    Only 12 spaces available

    We also offer flexible payment options. Drop us an email to discuss how you can take advantage of these

    Emoyeni Retreat Centre

    Emoyeni is a Zulu name meaning ”Place of the Spirit”, situated on the northern slopes of the Magaliesberg mountains – in North West province, South Africa, about 100 km northwest of Johannesburg & is rated as one of the Top 25 retreat venues in South Africa. Providing an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity which is conducive to the practice of meditation. Our accommodation and other facilities are simple and basic, with the emphasis on functionality and connection with nature, to encourage introspection and inquiry. A safe space where the weary can find a moment of rest and peace away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

    Shireen Motara

    Coach | Mentor

    Shireen is recovering “lack of self-care” addict. She is a coach who now prioritises self-love and self-care to build a strong foundation which supports clients to live their best lives. She uses a combination of coaching with strategy and self-care principles to work with her clients to achieve their transformation goals. Her support includes giving clients access to networks and resources so that their success is lasting.

    Shireen's approach to working with her clients is:
    Living Passionately: Life is nothing without passion and I support my clients to use their passion to drive their success.
    Transformative: We work together to achieve lasting positive change in the personal and professional spheres of your life.
    Focus on Difference: I work with my clients so that they move beyond knowing their strengths, to understanding and leveraging what makes them different from everyone else.
    Holistic: Different aspects of your life are intimately interconnected and my approach recognises this.

    Michelle Festus

    Tai Chi Instructor

    Michelle Festus is the founder and owner of Michelle's Circle's of Magic, an independent consultancy and Tai Chi Practice. She holds a BA degree and is a qualified Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor. Having first-hand experience of the health and healing benefits of Tai Chi and its impact on change processes, she integrates this mind/body practice into social justice work for both personal and organisational transformation..

    Tai Chi is more than a mind/body practice – it’s a way of life. Our approach is integrative and recognises the inter-linkage between physical, emotional and mental health. The Principles underpinning Michelle's approach has the potential to transform everyday living.
    These include:
    Go with the Flow - offer no resistance and use no force
    Listen to the body - this helps to reduce incessant mind activity
    Mindfulness - increases focus
    Balance - creating greater balance in our lives, creates harmony.