“My approach is defined by a deep commitment to build long term capability and sustainable impact and change…
It is a Journey.
There are no quick fixes to address complex social challenges.”

I am committed to transformational social change. My entire professional career has been and continues to be spent working to address inequality and build sustainability. As a consultant, I support non-profits, funders, government and corporates to implement strategies and programmes that support gender equality and women’s advancement and build a thriving non-profit sector that delivers impactful social programmes.
As a Board leader I have spent 20 years shaping and improving governance practices for various institutions and am especially skilled in strategy, financial planning, gender equality, human resources, and board leadership.


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Strategy, Evaluation and Programme Design

My systems thinking approach recognises that structural inequalities require an approach that forefronts the voices and experiences of target communities. I believe long term change happens when communities are part of the solution and are able to ultimately drive the change needed. My approach to evaluation strategy and programme design supports the organisation to examine their work and impact within the broader socio-economic context, and find solutions that are responsive and sustainable. I also work with organisations to ground their work in a theory of change that makes their planned outputs and impact clear.
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Womens Rights and Gender Equality

I work with profit and non-profit organisations to develop and implement policies, strategies and practices that promote the meaningful advancement of women; and create inclusive workplaces and programmes. My approach is to find practical ways to support change and create connections between relevant areas to ensure gender equality is promoted and sustained across the organisation.
Services include gender audits, policy review and development, strategy, research, capacity building, mentoring and coaching of managers and women leaders.
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Leadership and Governance

I work with clients to strengthen organisational and governance systems and practices. Using 20 years of experience of being a board leader, I advise, train and consult to Boards on board recruitment; executive and board succession planning; strategy; governance; gender and women’s rights; fundraising and sustainability.
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Fundraising and Sustainability

I work with the non-profit sector to build effective sustainability strategies and practices. My approach provides an end-to-end service that focuses on building organisational capability to drive sustainability in the long term. My services are customised to organisational needs and we also offer generic fundraising packages accessible through our online store. I have various packages available that range from assessing the organisations’ capacity to fundraise; providing guidance and tools to improve funding practices, identifying relevant funders and conducting practical skills training on various areas such as “How to Research Funding Opportunities” and “Writing Better Funding Proposals”.


Client Testimonials

  • Jabu Perreira
    I have found Shireen’s demeanour to be calm but firm and insightful. Indirectly, our monthly meetings have served as coaching sessions, which helped me and the organisation move to a better phase in our growth.
    Jabu Perreira
    Executive Director, Iranti
  • Claudia Linke-Heep
    Ms Motara distinguishes herself by consistently delivering high quality outputs. Her performance is remarkable and all interactions were smooth and effective. There is no doubt we will seek future co-operation with her.
    Claudia Linke-Heep
    UNIDO, Co-ordinator Green Industry Programme
  • Vanessa Pillay
    I have had the pleasure of working with Shireen when she served as Vice-Chairperson of the Board at St. Anthony’s Education Centre. She is a visionary and deeply committed leader, always willing to offer guidance and advice guided by the principles of good governance.
    Vanessa Pillay
    Ex Director and Development Consultant
  • Rev. Desmond Lesejane
    Shireen joined TLAC when the organisation was on the verge of closing down. She stabilised operations, increased the funding pool, helped boost staff morale and established key stakeholder relations, in a short period.
    Rev. Desmond Lesejane
    Ex Board Member and Independent Social Justice Practitioner

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