As a strategist coach, my unique value is:

  • Using big picture thinking to support individual success
  • A deep understanding and vast knowledge on a wide range of areas
  • Engaging and challenging clients to identify and address their limiting beliefs and mindsets
  • Connecting clients to new resources and networks they ned to sustain their growth
  • Finding and/or creating usable tools and resources to support client's transformational path
  • Exploring and finding innovative opportunities and solutions with clients
  • Recognising that well-being is the foundation of successful life, and supporting my clients to prioritise self-care and positive living

My Coaching Framework


My coaching approach recognises that understanding your self, and addressing behaviours and habits that keep you stuck are essential for your external success.

What you achieve when you work with me...

Accepting who you are, and using awareness of yourself to sustain your personal growth path

Significantly improve and clarify your vision and goals for success

Building the competencies required to move to the next level

Measurable growth in your business or career

Prioritising self-care as the foundation that feeds your better self

Access to networks and resources needed for progress


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