I am Shireen Motara

"I want to be a lawyer like my mom so that I can help women". This is what my 12 year old daughter wrote in her English essay. Isn't it amazing when our children show how they learn from what we do? What my daughter said reflects my life philosophy so aptly, and I feel honoured that she shares my values.

I am deeply passionate about the potential of Africa, and have committed to supporting Change Leaders, like women and entrepreneurs, who support this vision.

As a Coach, I am your sparring partner and your biggest fan; stretching you to move beyond your comfort zone to make those big dreams a reality.

My Coaching Philosophy



We work together to achieve lasting positive change in the personal and professional spheres of your life.


I will use my vast knowledge and access to resources and networks to support you to achieve your goals and achieve lasting change.


Goal Orientated

We agree on the specific outcomes you want to achieve, and focus on making these a reality.


Different aspects of your life are intimately interconnected and my approach recognises this.

Discover Your Best Self.

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