I am Shireen Motara

"I want to be a lawyer like my mom so that I can help women". This is what my 12-year-old daughter wrote in her English essay. Isn't it amazing when our children show how they learn from what we do? What my daughter said reflects my life philosophy so aptly, and I feel honoured that she shares my values.

I am deeply passionate about the potential of Africa and committed to advocating for and supporting women’s leadership. Women Leading with Courage should be the norm, not the exception.

I have over 20 years’ experience working in the non-profit sector as an advisor researcher, manager, executive director, board member and consultant.

As a Coach (and Mentor), I work with women leaders who seek to influence decisions at the highest levels of society, business and community.

Shireen's Way



I provide hands on support incorporating mentoring and coaching with access to resources and networks; while harnessing your existing strengths.

Open to Possibility

I emphasise a fresh approach that opens up new possibilities. Doing the same thing over and over will keep you stuck. Let’s disrupt stuck ways of being and doing.


Goal Orientated

We agree on the specific outcomes you want to achieve, and focus on making these a reality.


We work together to achieve lasting positive change in the personal and professional spheres of your life.
  • Jabu Perreira
    I have found Shireen’s demeanour to be calm but firm and insightful. Indirectly, our monthly meetings have served as coaching sessions, which helped me and the organisation move to a better phase in our growth.
    Jabu Perreira
    Executive Director, Iranti
  • Michelle Festus
    As an innovative coach, Shireen has changed my understanding and knowledge of social entrepreneurship. She is committed to connecting women entrepreneurs through her extensive networks. She continues to inspire and has armed me with practical tools to build my business.
    Michelle Festus
    Tai Chi Teacher & Feminist Ethics of Care Practitioner
  • Claudia Linke-Heep
    Ms Motara distinguishes herself by consistently delivering high quality outputs. Her performance is remarkable and all interactions were smooth and effective. There is no doubt we will seek future co-operation with her.
    Claudia Linke-Heep
    UNIDO, Co-ordinator Green Industry Programme
  • Vanessa Pillay
    I have had the pleasure of working with Shireen when she served as Vice-Chairperson of the Board at St. Anthony’s Education Centre. She is a visionary and deeply committed leader, always willing to offer guidance and advice guided by the principles of good governance.
    Vanessa Pillay
    Ex Director and Development Consultant
  • Rev. Desmond Lesejane
    Shireen joined TLAC when the organisation was on the verge of closing down. She stabilised operations, increased the funding pool, helped boost staff morale and established key stakeholder relations, in a short period.
    Rev. Desmond Lesejane
    Ex Board Member and Independent Social Justice Practitioner
  • Lethumusa Kulube
    Shireen you have helped me see the other side to my business that I was totally missing, and shared such amazing gems that I’ve started implementing. Your coaching and guidance has made a difference – I can’t thank you enough!
    Lethumusa Kulube
    Business Owner



Blog and Resources

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